Our Story


It all started in a small town once upon a time not long ago. The roots of our founder stem from no other place than "a capital do calçado" (the capital of footwear) - São João da Madeira. Obviously then, that the dream of creating an own shoe label quickly arose. With the rich cultural tradition of Porto and its metropolitan flair this dream kept evolving, eventually arriving in another culturally rich city: Hamburg. Known as the "gateway to the world" the dream finally materialised. Combining the portuguese heritage of craftsmanship and the hanseatic heritage of merchandise, Portus Novo was finally created. The craftsmen and the merchants of the 21st century. From São João to Porto to Hamburg. To You. Wherever you are.  




Our Team in Porto

Our Team in Porto has been crafting shoes since more than 50 years in São João da Madeira. Here in the shoe capital we are and always have been surrounded by tradition and craftsmanship. We grew up making shoes and we still enjoy making shoes - all of us. It is our greatest pleasure to share our knowledge with people who value traditionally handcrafted shoes.


Who we are


We founded Portus Novo to take you on our journey and into our world of making shoes. Growing up in Hamburg we were inspired by the flair of merchants and traditional businessmen. Reliable, discreet and distinct - in both business and style. Known for its harbour, it has been home to salesmen and merchants since centuries. We are proud to continue this tradition.

Join us on our trips and adventures and follow us: