It's easy to buy a shoe. To craft it the right way is an art. Craftsmanship inspires us and we pour all our love and care into each shoe to pass our passion on to you. From the choice of leather, the different kinds of soles and shoelaces to the designing and the artisanal work of our shoemakers, our shoes are handmade by a family run business just outside of Porto.


We pay hommage to the lineage of traditional shoemakers in every step of our   process. We cut  the leather, stitch the soles and  polish your shoe  the same way it has been done for several decades. Every single shoe is made with care, experience and impeccable knowledge of the trade. With over 50 years of experience in crafting shoes our family will ensure that you will continue to wear and feel true heritage. 


In an ever changing world we want to re-emphasise the value of craftsmanship and tradition. When your shoe leaves our factory it is packed and packaged with love. We want to ensure that when you receive your pair of Portus Novo Shoes you feel that same love. We tried thinking of everything. We hope we succeeded.

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